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Cervia Beach loves book

Cervia Beach loves book is a highly anticipated event every year on the beach of the beautiful city that gathers all lovers of literature, giving the most beautiful emotions. What's better, for anyone who likes reading, they can devote to their favourite books under the umbrella, in a relaxed atmosphere! If during the year the weather is missing, on vacation there is no better time to indulge their passions. That's why Cervia Beach loves the book, is considered the special summer event devoted to literature, which is held in various locations around the city. Like every year, attend the event many guests willing to make their contribution of prestige to the exhibition dedicated to the book, presenting their works ...

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Pineta Disco

He made history in Cervia and Milano Marittima, and today continues to be one of the most fashion and glamour: Pineta Disco. Who does not know? Every summer is filled with tourists coming from all over Italy and abroad, and the fun is in full swing at full speed. But still not everyone knows that even Pineta Disco has been transformed over the years to become The Club Pineta, living room of socialites in the riviera, even more innovative with new cosmetics, formulas and functions as if it were a huge stage directly on the world. A nightclub completely white, Pearl, a real legitimate Temple of music that still attracts more than before ...

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Products and Flavours of the Italian regions

Back to Cervia Products and Flavours of the Italian regions in June, in Piazza Andrea Costa. The event is promoted by Ascom Confcommercio Ascom Cervia Cervia and the Italy srl, in association with FIVA Confcommercio-Italian Federation of hawkers and FIPE-Italian Federation of public establishments and Federalberghi Cervia. More than 100 street traders with the best typical regional productions along with some reputable restaurants cervesi that will offer tastings of traditional local dishes.
The event aims to especially promote tourism allowing everyone to get to know the culinary traditions of our country to the public of Italian and foreign tourists present for the occasion.
Confcommerc ...

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At the turn of the Sea

Every year is held at the Bath Club Jockeys 182, Lungomare Grazia Deledda – Cervia, the Spring Edition de At the turn of the sea. It is an exciting weekend dedicated to horse riding, with baptism of the saddle for young kids, horseback riding on the beach for beginners and for more experienced, trips between sea, valleys and pine forests, in the unique atmosphere that only the sea can give. From 8:00 at 20:00 you can experience unforgettable moments in the company of wonderful horses. A significant moment for children and for those who want to try their hand at skill with a spear. In addition there will also be a race of speed and accuracy on the beach.

To participate in the fair of the sea

  • Do I need a grade III ENGEA or equivalent b. ..
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Terme di Cervia

Every year there are plenty of people who choose to book their holidays to take advantage of offers of Terme di Cervia. More and more couples and more and more women, they love to enjoy health and beauty treatments at the Terme di Cervia, causing it to coincide with the summer holiday period. It is in fact now known to many that the thermal waters are a source of not only health, but also of beauty.
In fact, the Brine Spa of Cervia helps to improve and protect the appearance of the skin, alleviate the unsightly, to drain the excess fluid, restoring tone to tissues and maintaining its functional efficiency. And during the holidays in Cervia, there are also couples who choose from a wide range of massages, relying on the expert hands of skilled personnel.

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Women's day in Cervia

The 8 March is a very special day to celebrate Women's day in Cervia, An event not to be missed also to live a weekend of fun and relaxation in the company of all your friends. Cervia, from '1 to March 12 offers special show Beautiful to Live, A series of events dedicated to women to be held in various places in the city. In this period will take place in the beautiful town of Romagna screenings, lectures, book presentations, parties, all events dedicated to 8 March. They will be also involved in the event operators, experts, voluntary associations, all the people who have a talent to express. The intent is just to be able to preserve the characteristics and values ​​that affect the female position ...

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18° Festival of Cuttlefish

Wednesday 16 March 2016 at 19:00, is staged in Cervia, the 18° Festival of Cuttlefish. The event again this year, as usual, will greet the arrival of spring and will anticipate the Passover which will be staged early compared to other years. The food fair is very followed by seafood lovers across Italy and Europe. Not just a manifestation and a simple event but a big party where everyone can have fun, young and old, thanks to lots of good music, shows and the inevitable markets that are increasingly throat thanks to great opportunities that are offered to find the perfect item at a very low price, including delis to bring as gifts to relatives and friends ...

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Pirate Park

The Pirate Park is a beloved by children on holiday in Cervia and in Cervia and Milano Marittima, with the family. Actually, here everyone is having fun thanks to modern games room. And there is no right to oppose: pirate Park is a real must for the evening, both for small, for adults who let themselves get carried away, and often more. A real "Toyland" that puts all unanimously agree right! Happy kids island is very busy during the summer, merit also of funny car racing sets on the water ...

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Museum of salt of Cervia

The Museum of salt of Cervia located inside the salt warehouse "Tower", MUSE has a slice of history of Cervia. It is born from the activities of the cultural group retaining all of Civilization that wanted to keep alive the memory of labour in salina and collected documents, tools and photos that testify to the environment and the production of salt. Musa was recognized quality Museum of the region of Emilia Romagna. We recommend everyone visiting the Museum of salt, so they can steal a lot of emotions and breathe the air of the past. The Museum wants to be a path full of symbolic references, of great depth, as is strong the lure of the land water and the sea ...

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Acquajoss Water Park

Acquajoss Water Park It's the best summer has to offer! What better way to embark on large breathtaking slides, or immerse yourself in the wave pool or swim in the large swimming pool.? And then there's the river, beach volleyball, shop, snack bar, tv lounge. 50000 square meters of Park ... From 5 June to August 20, the fun is right here in Acquajoss Water Park! Free parking is available to guests with over 1000 seats, and children under 6 years are free of charge! Even young children are the most fun to Acquajoss with the paddling pool with lots of colorful slides to jump into the water ...

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