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VIP Master Tennis 2015

In Milano Marittima is the 25th Edition of VIP Master Tennis 2015the appointment on the Tennis Club of Milano Marittima which VIPs from the world of entertainment, sports, television and culture, engage in more tennis championship with paparazzi. The previous editions have seen a growing number of vip, a continuous escalation of quality of participants which led up to a record 20,000 spectators. To support their heroes, the audience of tourists and not only, that will come from every part of Italy and who will fill the stands of Central Field (where he played the Davis Cup ' 82). There will be "cheering from the stadium", autographs, photographs, applause, and Ole. From 7/10/2015 to 7/11/2015the only commitment you have to ...

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The Festival of children 2015

The Children's Festival 2015 is the event dedicated to all the families and certainly the most anticipated by the children, which is celebrated on the Adriatic coast from 13/06/2015 al 20/06/2015 for a week full of many events all super fun. In addition you can also go to Wonderland where she goes on stage "Big Trouble in Stunt City". In partnership with Hot Wheels, Wonderland brings the track the stunt show more spectacular than ever. But this is also the week of 'Ecovacanza, where in hotels Cervia, Joining the program, will be special recreational / creative activities proposed, designed for school-age children 6-13 years, during which through direct contact with nature, especially the beach and pine forest, learn to know and respect it, ...

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