Cervia hotel

Rhythm 'n' Basket 2015


From 6 to 8 March 2015 There is a very special way to celebrate International Women's day in hotels Cervia, and that is to assist in Rhythm 'n' Basket 2015. This year will be presented the new format at Rimini Fiera, uniting basketball and hip hop with sport, with entertainment and music. A truly astounding mix that will be dedicated to children and families, with the intention of getting to the heart of as many people as possible, as the basketball, is the second most popular sport in Italy, second only to football. We also recall that in recent days Italy Cup finals will be held also Adecco Cup 2014, the final stages of the National League Basketball tournaments. In addition, thanks to Rhythm’n’Basket, will also be awarded the trophies of the Adecco Cu. ..

To Be Continued