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RHEX Rimini Horeca Expo


From Saturday 17 to January 21, 2015 Mercoledd, will be held in Rimini Fair the third edition of Rimini Expo RHEX Horeca: innovazioni, soluzioni e tendenze per tutto il mondo della ristorazione “fuori-casa”. Saranno presenti all’evento oltre 170 mila operatori provenienti da tutto il mondo, oltre agli chef stellati protagonisti dello show cooking. Protagonista l’alta qualità. La Fiera della ristorazione completa il progetto della filiera food in concomitanza con SIGEP 2015. Questa è l’occasione numero uno per conoscere tutte le proposte mirate al target: ospitalità alberghiera, ristorazione, distribuzione, ecc. Una Fiera importantissima per il settore che affiancherà diversi eventi: al padiglione D3, FOOD FACTOR, show cooking with star chefs in collaboration with ...

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Beer Attraction 2015


Beer fans unite! This could be the slogan that covers the broad audience of "fans" of beer, and employees in the sector, which will take place at a special event: Beer Attraction 2015, Fiera di Rimini dedicated to beer and not only, to be held in Rimini Fiera 21 to 24 February, 2015. Let's talk about one of the most anticipated events, which anticipates major industry news, not only nationally, but throughout Europe and the world, and the size of the fair is that it is open to everyone, so even consumers and enthusiasts, with special days dedicated to wine tasting ...

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Rimini Fiera SIGEP 2015


A large Fair awaits in the beautiful Adriatic coast: Rimini Fiera SIGEP 2015, the internationally renowned event dedicated to fields of ice cream, pastry and bakery products, with an eye to the large industrial sector Made in Italy and an extensive proposal for machinery and furnishings that create trend and style. Remember that Sigep is the largest professional Fair, also "white art", which also presented the art and style of decoration, with many high quality products and top notch ingredients to make unique this area ...

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Freely Rimini Fair 2015


It's much awaited Freely Rimini Fair 2015, the event dedicated to leisure, sport in the open air and to enjoy all that hobby. For this again this year, many visitors are expected from all over Italy looking for news and trends, and maybe even some new hobbies to which passion between:


The appointment is scheduled for 18 and April 19, 2015at the Rimini Expo Center, and many are already visitors eager to explore all that technology ...

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Expo Milano 2015


Expo Milano 2015 the event is already much anticipated world entities, involving all the countries of the Earth, on a very important subject, linked to world power, with many events that are aimed at all peoples comparison and especially to dialogue in order to improve the conditions of mankind. From 1 May to October 31, 2015, Milan will have the world's attention focused on the country. A very significant event not only for the city but throughout our beautiful Italy, which will host a myriad of tourists and visitors from all over the world that will surely delight our welcome, and will be able to enjoy a holiday. We start then from Milan with the Smart City concept, to all cities: Expo Milano 201...

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Rimini Wellness 2015


Rimini Wellness 2015 back in the beautiful town of Romagna, from 5/28/2015 to 5/31/2015. It is one of the most anticipated Exhibitions, the most important all over the national landscape, the first exhibition dedicated to Fitness, wellness and Sport, which this year will invoke an infinite number of visitors. The event caters to both industry insiders and consumers who can learn and see lots of news. A true revolution in the field of health and well-being that is appreciated by a wider audience, not just young lovers and avid fitness gyms-goers but also over ' 50, who are opening their minds to the cult of "feel good" mind and body ...

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Milano Marittima Flower Chic 2014

flower-chic (1)

Saturday, September 27 will be a date to remember for all 70 's nostalgia, and for guys who will have the opportunity to try to live those years thanks to the event Milano Marittima Flower Chic 2014. In Cervia-Milano Marittima, happen all over, obviously in celebration and the magical lure of an atmosphere of music, songs and dances, which will bring everyone back in, even those that weren't there, surely, stirring even deeper, the boys of the time. Many are the possibilities for those who assist the event as to shop in the boutiques of the Centre and dine with retro-hippy. In addition you can visit the exhibition of cars and motorcycles at the time, and switch between the exhibitors of vintage clothing and accessories ...

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White night of tango


Thursday, August 14, 2014the event that anticipates the Ferragosto in Cervia, and prepares everyone for the big night out is White night of tango. If you still have no commitments for this date you will benefit from attending the event, and if you're already engaged, we advise you to cancel and take off here, where the heart beats and the tango accelerates, sensual. You dance the Barrumba where dance practically from dawn evening dancing a Tango milonga endless! Ben 10 hours of dancing, obviously not only tango, with even the best DJs who will present the best alternative sound ...

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