Safari Adventure the dunes of the Delta

Safari Adventure the dunes of the Delta is interesting to do with family, friends and especially children because this is the real Animal Kingdom! The Safari is located near the town of Ravenna, Mirabilandia, and is very easy to reach also by all those who book a stay in Hotels near Mirabilandia. Here at the animal park you can see more than 700 animals of over 100 species, including some species of wild animals living in complete freedom, without barriers, which would not be permitted in a regular Zoo. You may want to visit the Safari aboard their vehicles or electric machine of the Park, or again, by train, to discover all the secrets of the animals and find a contact with the most gentle. But Safari, is not "just", because the ticket includes a view of the farm, the island of baboons, the Lemur Island and the Reptile House. This is a really nice way to have fun with nature with your family and friends.

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