The salt route

Every year during the summer is celebrated in Cervia the salt route, an event rich in history and tradition, a reenactment of extreme importance to the beautiful town of Romagna. This is one of the most important events, so much so that calls himself a large crowd of tourists from all over Italy, in Europe and all over the world. Starring the "white gold", or salt, that has always linked Cervia to the Serenissima Republic of Venice, this since the year 1200. And just to recreate this environment, every summer, the Company (fleet) the Register of Romagne traces the route that pieleghi, bragozzi and bragagne They followed to bring in salt warehouses of Venice "the Cervia white gold." The event still aims to bring learning to the many visitors, the ancient culture of the sea, made of knowledge of navigation in ancient and traditional sailing through the wise and patient work of the navy Fishing and work. For this reason, every year the men of Mariegola delle Romagne equipped boats, along the lagoon authorities Console Luciano Boscolo Cucco, offer new and unforgettable emotions related to the history of the sea.

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