Sapore di Sale Cervia

Every year in September is staged Sapore di Sale Cervia, an event that is passion and tradition, able to accommodate tourists from all over Italy and abroad who do not want to lose this deep connection that the event creates. Sapore di Sale Cervia is a re-enactment that comes straight from the past of the historic salt Shed. During the event you can discover and rediscover the ancient crafts and flavours associated with "white gold" and its tradition through a Festival rich in social occasions. We must not forget that what we now consider a common ingredient, salt was once so rare and precious, to be called "white gold", as it was essential for food preservation. The purpose of the traditional Sagra del Sale Cervia is just to remember their past and "dedicate" to the past traditions and party halls, evoking proposing various initiatives. It starts from the inevitable reenactment of "salt Shed", continuing with the rediscovery of ancient crafts and flavours associated with "white gold" to social occasions, exhibitions and shows.

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