White night of tango


Thursday, August 14, 2014the event that anticipates the Ferragosto in Cervia, and prepares everyone for the big night out is White night of tango. If you have not yet made commitments to this date use to participate in the event, and if you are already engaged, we advise you to cancel and almost topple into it here, where the heart beats and the ICA sensual tango. You dance to the Barrumba where you will dance practically from evening till dawn Dancing Tango for a infinite milonga! Ben 10 hours of dancing, of course not only tango, in the company of even the best DJs who will present the best alternative sound. The evening includes dinner with buffett, the refreshments and the drink bar, but not over here: to 3 will be served to all the legendary cream puffs! And having disposed of the doughnuts, we run all on the beach for the customary and traditional group bath, taking advantage of the first hours of the Sun! Book now your holiday in Cervia Hotels.

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