Night of San Lorenzo

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The August 10 c ’ is a special event not to be missed in Cervia for no reason in the world and is the one with the Night of San Lorenzoon the night of the shooting stars to watch with the upturned nose, the spectacle of stars raining down from the sky with the intent to grant all our wishes. A magical night, within a holiday full of charm with its wide range of activities, entertainment and relaxation that Cervia offers to all tourists both children and adults. On the beach of Cervia you can also assist to exciting Fireworks, thank the stars for their generosity. Next to this show there will also be events as usual, starting from piazza bingo with prizes, music, beach parties and many events organized in establishments open for this unique opportunity. And as the tradition, at midnight, you can swim in the sea, which is said to have healing power and health gifts at all. There is also a full programme:

Piazza Garibaldi
hours 17.00 city band concert
hours 19.00 charity tombola

Lungomare Grazia Deledda
from 17.00 to market sweets, toys and gourmet products
hours 23.00 fireworks on the beach
Admission: free

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