The Tour of chocolate-makers of Art & Ciocc

In November is staged in Ravenna on The Tour of chocolate-makers of Art & Ciocc the event most delicious ever that like many large but also to the children, and it's no wonder why! Everyone loves chocolate and to find out the full flavor that you just have to go in person to do some taste! The splendid city of art houses one of several stops on the tour around Italy Masters Chocolatiers of Art & Ciocc, a real treat for all tastes and above all a test for all connoisseurs, for all those who love to explore the taste and smell of this authentic delicacies. And 'since 2008 that the tour of chocolatiers door greedy high quality handmade delicacies in the main squares and historical centers in Italy, so even if you do not resist the temptation to taste the delicious homemade chocolate every taste and shape, marked immediately the event and not to be missed!

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