Giuseppe Giacobazzi: Confessions of summer

There is a climate of great fun in Cervia and also of great laughter, thanks to Giuseppe Giacobazzi: Confessions of summer. And what never to confess one of the most hilarious comedians in all theaters of Italy shows really brilliant? Perhaps his acuteness or the genius to transform the facts which concern us all, in grotesque Tales from laughing out loud. But to discover the truth, not just arriving on time in Cervia for watch the show which he defines: "there are certain summer evenings, when the sky is very blue and a gentle breeze blows warm to mitigate, where you find yourself in the town square, chatting with old friends.
Talk about what you did, who you are and what you are.
is a succession of emotions and memories.
Then, the Bell Tower of the Church feel beat the chimes and you realize that you've spent an evening in harmony.
Returning home to rethink how you became, in the simplicity of some CONFESSIONS of summer. "
Emotions, and not just words ...

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