The Color Run 2015

The Color Run 2015, the race that rages of color and joy, called the planetary experience more engaging and explosive, will take place in Rimini, August 1, 2015, for a distance of 5 km of pure energy, and will run on the beach. But that's not the only news this year, in addition to the 100% natural coloured powders, competitors will be well impregnated with glitter. It runs from 2 to 80 years, then children compete with mom and dad, but also grandparents, uncles, the whole family with all friends. Registration is open online but are limited to this is well hurry up. There are many reasons to attend, out of curiosity, the desire to share a unique and unrepeatable but also to take its revenge on a particular period that we must overcome with the right positive charge. It starts with a white shirt, to get impregnated by color. The purpose of the race did not finish first but get happy! And the finish will begin the real big party, with lots of music, dancing, surprises and gifts!

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