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Halloween in Wonderland


Halloween in Wonderland 2015 is the unmissable waiting with family and friends throughout the month of October. In a location inhabited by witches, bats, macabre creatures you can have fun and make horrible jokes. Throughout the day, until the closing of the Park you will experience indescribable emotions. From 18 onwards, choose to cross the entrance to Wonderland, and arrives directly at Zones where Horror the real terror, are you ready to face the terrifying creatures prowl? From 12 years on, the challenge is to survive the night with Halloween Horror Festival ...

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Portraits and faces from the past


In Montaletto di Cervia, opens a permanent exhibition "Portraits and faces from the past"at "the worm", from 2 October 2015. You will be able to admire sixty-plus paintings belonging to the second half of the 15th century, until the 19th century. The exhibition is housed in the showroom "Il tarlo, already exposes the extraordinary collection of antiques. You can see the works of artists covering a vast span of time, as many as 400 years. The study has been to recognize and focus on the worth of the portrait and above all the culture of portray. An evolution that still gives us endless emotions ...

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The flight in Cervia


The Flights in Cervia will be present on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 21:00 in the beautiful location of Piazza Garibaldi. The trio was surprised and stunned everyone with the astonishing performance of the exhibition related to the 65th Edition of the Sanremo Festival, and now will represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Tickets can be purchased online but hurry not to be without. Arrive from all over Italy and not only fans of the trio of voices of gold, which moves with the special symbiosis of these heavenly voice ...

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International Kite Festival ’


Kicks off this ’ year in Cervia the 35 ^ International Kite Festival, a real show of color, animation and creativity that will make only the beaches of the beautiful town of Romagna. The event takes place from the 4/24/2015 and 5/3/2015 samples are expected and Masters from all over the world, as well as a large group of tourists and spectators arriving from all over Italy and from many foreign countries. On kilometre of Beach will become the big stage of striking performances, where they will meet the 200 "artists of the wind" coming not only from different countries, but also with different cultures ...

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House of butterflies


Cervia offers excellent hiking and visits to perform with his family and children and one of these goals is the House of butterflies, a greenhouse that is spread over 500 square meters where the protagonists are the various species of colorful butterflies that arise directly in the greenhouse and perching live here from flower to flower. Here you can see beautiful tropical butterflies, unique species, while going to greenhouse the Caterpillar made in 2013, will meet local butterflies, which are best known and most known even by children. The greenhouse was recreated the ideal ecosystem for fauna and flora, you can admire giant snails, carnivorous plants and exotic flowers and be accompanied in the path from special perfumes ...

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