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Sapore di Sale Cervia

Sapore di Sale Cervia

Every year in September is staged Sapore di Sale Cervia, an event that is passion and tradition, able to accommodate tourists from all over Italy and abroad who do not want to lose this deep connection that the event creates. Sapore di Sale Cervia is a re-enactment that comes straight from the past of the historic salt Shed. During the event you can discover and rediscover the ancient crafts and flavours associated with "white gold" and its tradition through a Festival rich in social occasions. We must not forget that what we now consider a common ingredient, salt was once so rare and precious, to be called "white gold", as it was essential for food preservation.

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The salt route


Every year during the summer is celebrated in Cervia the salt route, an event rich in history and tradition, a reenactment of extreme importance to the beautiful town of Romagna. This is one of the most important events, so much so that calls himself a large crowd of tourists from all over Italy, in Europe and all over the world. Starring the "white gold", or salt, that has always linked Cervia to the Serenissima Republic of Venice, this since the year 1200. And just to recreate this environment, every summer, the Company (fleet) the Register of Romagne traces the route that pieleghi, bragozzi and bragagne They followed to bring salt warehouses of Venice "the white gold of Cervia" ...

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Offer bridges of April – may


Don't miss this opportunity to inaugurate the start of beautiful season with our great low APRIL DEALS and OFFERS MAY.

Passes with us for holidays Easter Cervia or Long Bridge 25 April or the Bridge of 1° Maggio.

He participates in many initiatives present as the renowned Festival of Kites Cervia which attracts fans from throughout the 'Italy and the World.

Fill out the contact form or call us to immediately understand the advantages of this offer valid for a few days and in the meantime eyes to prices.

Bed and Breakfast

Single room = 45 €/notte

Double room = 60 €/notte

Triple room = 75 €/notte

Quadruple room = 85 €/notte

Full Board with drinks

Single room = 70 €/notte

Double Room = 95? € / night

Triple room = € 120/notte

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Halloween in Wonderland


Halloween in Wonderland 2015 is the unmissable waiting with family and friends throughout the month of October. In a location inhabited by witches, bats, macabre creatures you can have fun and make horrible jokes. Throughout the day, until the closing of the Park you will experience indescribable emotions. From 18 onwards, choose to cross the entrance to Wonderland, and arrives directly at Zones where Horror the real terror, are you ready to face the terrifying creatures prowl? From 12 years on, the challenge is to survive the night with Halloween Horror Festival ...

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World Master sand sculptures

World Master sand sculptures

On the beach in Cervia, is celebrated this year's Edition of 18 World Master Sand Sculpting, the World Championship of sand sculpting for countries. Will be very exciting to see how the artwork might arise even from the grains of sand, and not only by brushes, colors and clay. On the shores of the beautiful town of Romagna, will meet about 20 samples, divided into 10 groups of two people, who come from all over the world, even from as far away as India. Artists that speck of Speck, will create an event that will be memorable for everyone, young and old ...

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Music dawns Cervia 2015


From 6/21/2015 to 8/23/2015, every Sunday, you can attend Music dawns Cervia 2015, the appointment with the Northern seaside music from 6.00 to 7.00, for anyone who stands up to early in the morning while on vacation, or looking at that time falls from the premises and lends itself to go to sleep, but not before having witnessed the concert. It is a very romantic moment, for all couples who are experiencing a holiday of love, or for couples who are known or are experiencing during the summer in Cervia. A moment of total relaxation and complete, a sort of mental and physical wellbeing, strictly freeeven for people who like to do yoga and meditation at the beach ...

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Race Karatella 2015


Race Karatella 2015This year, reached its fourth edition, on the beautiful hills of Coriano hosting one of the most anticipated events of late summer, the weekend of 19 and September 20, 2015. The race of "birocci" is the most crazy about all of Romagna, and for this great effect, are more and more participants and families, but also groups of friends, many from all over Italy. That this year will be a comeback in a big way with lots of surprises by confirming the student spirit of always, indeed, will be even more fun and even a bit "cheeky" ...

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