World Master sand sculptures

World Master sand sculptures

On the beach in Cervia, is celebrated this year's Edition of 18 World Master Sand Sculpting, the World Championship of sand sculpting for countries. Will be very exciting to see how the artwork might arise even from the grains of sand, and not only by brushes, colors and clay. On the shores of the beautiful town of Romagna, will meet about 20 samples, divided into 10 groups of two people, who come from all over the world, even from as far away as India. Artists on granule, granule will give life to an event that will be memorable for everyone, young and old. The time is four days, and the event is one of the most important worldwide even among the appointments of "sand sculptures" organized in the USA and in the East.

Here's the schedule:

from 8 to 10 August
realization of sand sculptures by teams

August 10 hours 21.00
Award ceremony

from 10 August to 20 October
view of sand sculptures that have participated in the Championship
from 9.00 to 23.00

Admission is free.

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